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Winery Jovac

Perfection in a bottle since 1922.

Our wine story begins before the First World War, in 1908, when 60 people joined together and started wine production in Jovac with joint funds. After the Great War, in 1922, the construction of the Jovača winery and a large wine cellar was completed. Not long after, Jovača wine was enjoyed all over Europe. The wine stopped flowing from the Jovac winery in 1991. The Jovac winery, the large Jovac wine cellar and the surrounding vineyards were abandoned for more than three decades. They now stand proudly restored to their former glory, now more beautiful than ever. Wine that was once enjoyed in European courts is once again made in Jovac. This time with the passion and vision of a new generation of young and proud winemakers.

The creation of great wine begins in the vineyard. Without exceptional grapes, the creation of exceptional wines is impossible. In addition, all the people involved in the creation of the wine also play a key role in bringing perfection in the bottle to our tables and picnic baskets. There is no great wine without passionate people.

We proudly accept the tradition of the first Jovač winemakers, but we have the courage and knowledge to realize our vision and introduce modern twists into the traditional wine production process.

Bring your family and friends and enjoy a carefree day while you taste our wines and tour our winery and vineyard. We have prepared several tasting options for you to choose from.

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