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Ćuprija has always been and will remain the CITY OF SPORT

Street training or street workout is a type of training, sports discipline and skill that is a kind of combination of gymnastics and acrobatics. This activity gathers an increasing number of members in the Balkans as well, so athletes who engage in 'street exercise' founded the Serbian Street Workout Association with the aim of connecting and exchanging experiences with colleagues who also engage in this. There are currently around 8 Street Workout clubs in Serbia with over 50,000 members. Among the great advantages of this activity is that it is free and the fact that the training takes place in the open nature.

The whole story about Street Training started in America, where a similar program was also called Ghetto Workout, Gymbarr, Calisthenics, extreme bodyweight, etc. while in Serbia it appeared for the first time in the early 2010s, and since then it has been gaining momentum every day, both among young and older practitioners.

The main importance of this method of exercise is that there are no limits, from each exercise you can move to an even more difficult exercise, and when you add improvisation to everything, there is no end to the variety of exercises. And besides, it's free, very effective and attractive. You can perform the exercises anytime and anywhere, mostly local parks, children's playgrounds or ordinary yards.
That the enthusiasm of a recreationist can make the "Strongest man walking in Serbia" is evidenced by many publications in the media that only confirm that Ćuprija has always been and will remain the CITY OF SPORT and that every year it gives birth to a world record holder.

If you want to try one of these disciplines within the framework of street sports, inform them at the unique club in Ćuprija called "Ulični trening-MOST" or on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Uli%C4%8Dni -Training-Most-111145907064980

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