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“Slavija” swimming pools

The "SLAVIJA" sports complex started its operations in 1953.

The "SLAVIJA" sports complex started operating in 1953 and at that time - with a large swimming pool of Olympic dimensions, a small children's pool, a diving board and other accompanying sports infrastructure - in the post-war period it was in the group of the 4 best sports facilities in the former Yugoslavia.
Until its closure in 1975, swimming and water polo clubs trained at the pools, which produced numerous national team members.
After an 18-year break, it was renovated and put into operation in 1993, but due to technical defects it was closed again in 1998.
In Ćuprija, a city with a rich sports tradition, there was a desire for a long time to return as soon as possible the old glory of Slavija, a part of the city that has always been a symbol of water polo and swimming - so in 2014 the SLAVIJA sports complex was reopened, but now with reconstructed facilities that meet all standards regarding the safety of athletes and other users.
A swimming school for the youngest, water polo and swimming clubs was founded, and their happy smiles announce the return of the old glory of the SLAVIJA Pool - as an Organizational Unit within the Sport Institution SC "ADA" Ćuprija.

Within this complex, the "Slavija" tennis club has been operating for many years, so this part of the city is intended for sports and recreational activities.

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