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The school for musical talents in Ćuprija is a unique institution in our country in terms of its curriculum and aims to educate musically gifted children who become students of this school, with the help of dedicated pedagogues who work there, to become professional musicians. During their ten-year schooling, the members of this "Great Musical Family" live in boarding school conditions and master an intensive program of music and general education.

Only two other pedagogical institutions in the world work according to a similar concept: the Central Music School in Moscow and the Yehudi Menuhin School in London.

The school is currently attended by 80 students from various cities in Serbia. We also have students from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our goal is to expand to the countries of the region and thus return to the original idea of its creators, professors Lazar Marjanović and Jovan Rakić, who founded the school for the entire area of the former Yugoslavia.

The school specializes in strings and teaches violin, viola, cello and double bass. Connected by professional cooperation with the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, the school has existed for more than 45 years. It is known for its results and celebrated former students, and it produced over 200 young musicians, who continued their education at colleges in the country and abroad.

The school for musical talents, apart from its educational role, has a very rich concert activity, throughout our country and abroad.

Also, the students of the School participate in competitions in the country, as well as in international ones, where they are highly ranked by the prizes they have won.

The School for Musical Talents has the status of a School of special national importance.

For more information, visit the School website https://www.talenti.edu.rs/

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