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River Velika Morava

Ćuprija is the only town that lies on the coast of Velika Morava.

Velika Morava is formed by the joining of Western and Southern Morava near the town of Stalać. It flows into the Danube in the area between Smederevo and Kostolac. The Morava, together with the West Morava, is the largest Serbian river. The length of Velika Morava is 185 km, and with Zapadna Morava the length is 493 km.
Today, Velika Morava is navigable only 3 km from its mouth. In history, it was navigable all the way to the town of Ćuprija, which is almost ¾ of its length. However, as mentioned, Velika Morava is literally covered with material from South Morava. When the reclamation program began in 1966, it was planned to become navigable again, in the first phase up to Ćuprija, and later all the way to Stalać, so the whole 100%.
The Romans called the Great Morava River Margus. Today's Ćuprija was created in Roman times, and then it was called "Horreum Margi" (which means Granary of Morava).
Knez Lazar's country in the 14th century was called Moravian Serbia, after this river. In Serbian history, the Morava valley became the cradle of the modern Serbian state at the beginning of the 19th century. Many songs were sung that celebrate Morava and its fertility, but also its evil temper and flooding. However, not only traditional songs speak about Morava.

Ćuprija is the only town that lies on the coast of Velika Morava. Today, on the left bank of the river, next to the yellow bridge, there is a city beach that provides refreshment to numerous citizens of Ćuprija in the summer months. On the right bank of the river there is a Moravian park that offers opportunities for walking, sports and recreation.
Lovers of night life can afford themselves a good time on rafts on Velika Morava.
Many songs about Morava are written even today, and the most famous are: Oj Moravo, Oj Moravo tija reko, Uz Morava vetar duva, Na Moravi vodenica stara, Moravac kolo, etc.

Oj Moravo is perhaps the most characteristic:

„Oj Moravo, moje selo ravno, ("Oh Morava, my flat village,)
Kad si ravno što si vodoplavno (When you are flat, why you are flooded)

Kiša pade, te Morava dođe, (The rain fell, and Morava came,)
Te poplavi moje selo ravno (and flooded my flat village)

A u selu Jovanove dvore, (And in the village Jovan's court,)
I u dvoru Jovanovu ljubu“ (And in the court Jovan's love")

Did you know that in the Celtic language Morava means beautiful girl?

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River Velika Morava

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