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River Ravanica

The river from the legend of Nemanjići

The river Ravanica rises in Šareni kladenac, northeast of Senjski Rudnik. In the upper reaches of the Ravanica valley, it is quite shallow, and then it enters the gorge. Its larger tributaries are Ivankovačka river (Mirosava) and Stubički stream.

It is characteristic of Ravanica that it receives most of its water from the spring located between Ravanica and Senje monasteries, and not from tributaries. It flows through Ćuprija, where it flows into Velika Morava. It is 26.7 km long, and the catchment area is 158 km².


Apart from the legend that Rastko Nemanjić reconciled the brothers Stevan and Vukan on the river Mirosava, there is also a legend that Empress Milica, as nun Jevgenija, with nun Jefimija, who went to Istanbul to seek forgiveness from Bayazit for Stefan breaking his word, were sent by the sons of Stefan and Vukan waited on the boat of the smaller river where reconciliation was supposed to take place. Since then, this part of the river has been called Mirosava.

According to the third legend, when one of the brothers of Empress Milica fell ill, on the advice of the scribe of the despot Stefan, they took him to bathe in the water that springs up from under the big rock. As the storm caught them, they took shelter in a nearby cave. As soon as the storm passed, they bathed young Nemanjić and he immediately got well. The village near the racket was named Bigrenica, and the cave, forest and spring were named after Nemanja.

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