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Ravanelius festival

Throughout history, the city on the banks of the Velika Morava river has been called by different names. One of these names is Ravanelle, which was used by the Crusaders to refer to the Serbian city of Ravno. Ravno was built on the remains of the Roman city of Horreum Margi at the beginning of the 11th century. The German chronicler Arnold from Lübeck mentioned the name Ravanelle while describing Heinrich the Lion's journey to the Holy Land. According to him, Heinrich the Lion and his entourage arrived in front of the town of Ravanelle at the mouth of Ravanica and Morava at the end of March 1172. During the time of Nemanjić, the town was called Ravno. In 1660, Mehmed Pasha Ćuprilić built a wooden bridge over the Velika Morava, and since then the name Ćuprija has been used. Ćuprija is a city that values its cultural traditions, preserves the legacy of its ancestors, and proudly presents its heritage while building a legacy for future generations. The RAVANELIUS Festival is an event that aims to offer quality musical content to the local audience, promote the work of the School for Musical Talents and affirm its students, as well as establish a stable basis for the cultural and artistic education of the young audience. The festival is organized by the Ćuprija Cultural Institution and the School for Musical Talents, with the support of the Municipality of Ćuprija. The festival introduces new cultural content to Ćuprija in the form of a spectacular three-day festival of classical music. The first edition of the festival, held in 2019, was dedicated to classical music with a focus on string instruments, in honor of the 45th anniversary of the School for Musical Talents in Ćuprija. The festival features renowned classical music artists as well as the Large Orchestra of the School for Musical Talents in Ćuprija. In addition to the evening concerts of classical music, the festival offers workshops for children of school and preschool age, where they can learn about the process of creating music and the rules of behavior at a classical music concert through work with top experts. The mission of the festival organizers is to popularize artistic music and educate the young audience. Their vision is to develop an international music festival that will become an important cultural manifestation in the region and actively contribute to the popularization of artistic music and the affirmation of talented young musicians. They also aim to contribute to the continuous development and nurturing of the cultural needs and habits of its audience. The festival plans to enrich its initial program with other quality music genres and make a significant contribution to the tourism sector of the municipality and the region.

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