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Moravski Park

The Moravski Park is located on the right bank of the Velika Morava at the very entrance to the city from the direction of Jagodina. On one side, the park is bordered by the Veliko Morava river and on the other by the streets of Živka Damnjanović and Danilo Dimitrijević. It is covered with deciduous and evergreen trees.
In 2012, the park was reconstructed and got its present appearance. Today, the park has 2 km of recreational trails, an open-air amphitheater where shows and plays are held in the summer months.
The Cruiser restaurant boat is anchored along the coast of the Velika Morava near the park itself and is an ideal place for refreshments.

Park in the city center

In the city center on the banks of the Ravanica river, across from the city square, there is a park in the center. On the western side, it is bordered by the House of the Army, with the Ravanica River to the north, Jovana Kursula Street to the east, and Karađorđeva Street to the south.
The park is covered with deciduous and evergreen trees and is a real little oasis in the city center. There is also a children's playground in the park, where there is also the famous children's toy ship "Moravikus". On the western side, it is bordered by the Ravanica River, with the Dom Vojske to the north, Karađorđeva Street to the east and Jovana Kursula Street to the south.

Park near the First Municipal Community

Across the street from the First Municipal Community, in a quiet part of the city, there is another park worth mentioning, covered with deciduous and evergreen trees. It is bordered on the north side by Milica Cenić Street, on the east side by Vidovdanska Street and on the south side by Svetosavska Street.
The park was completely reconstructed in 2016. Today, the park has an outdoor gym, a children's playground and a summer house.

Šećerko Park

Near the railway station, near the Šećerko kindergarten, after which it got its name, is the Šećerko park. The park has a triangular shape and is bordered by the Šećerko kindergarten on the east side, Jugoslovenska street to the north and Kralja Petra I oslobodioca street to the south.
The park was reconstructed in 2015. Among the facilities in the park there is a trim track for recreation as well as an outdoor gym.

Park near the court

Although the smallest in terms of area, the park near the court is a true little oasis on the bank of the Ravanica river. It is located near the Primary Court in Ćuprija, the main post office and the school for musical talents "Dušan Skovran". It is covered with deciduous and evergreen trees.


The park in the center near the fountain hides a unique tree in this area - SEQUOY. Sequoia is the only modern species of the same genus of woody plants (Sequoia), from the cypress family (Cupressaceae). Sequoia can live up to 2200 years and is one of the tallest trees on Earth - it can reach a height of up to 115m.

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