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Open fly in event

On June 14, 2018, a new sports airport was opened in Dobrichevo. A few months later, from August 25 to August 28, 2018, a ceremony called OPEN FLY IN was held to celebrate the opening. The  tourist organization of Ćuprija municipality participated in the event to support and promote this type of active vacation. It is included in the tourist offer of the municipality and Pomoravlja. During the event, Aeroclub Ćuprija presented all its resources, and visitors had the opportunity to experience this specific type of recreation that attracts many fans of adrenaline sports. The event was supported by several institutions, including the Air Force Association of Serbia and the Local Government of Ćuprija. Furthermore, the program included a precision landing competition and familiarizing visitors with airplanes, aircraft, pilots, flight instructors, and propositions of the Aeroclub. This event now has continuity, and the program has been partially improved. For example, Aeroclub Ćuprija has introduced a service that offers city panorama tours from an airplane at an affordable price. This service has completed the tourist offer of the municipality of Ćuprija with an active holiday segment.

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