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NOU FEST-Education Fair


The main idea of the fair, which is held in March every year, is to introduce the students of the final grades of primary and secondary schools from the Pomeranian District to the possibilities of further education. Since high schools and colleges usually make individual presentations, this fair offers the opportunity to directly familiarize a large number of future students and high school students with the conditions of education in high schools and colleges. In this way, high-quality information is ensured for future high school and university students, as well as significant economic savings for both students and educational institutions.

The second part of the fair program includes a large number of professional lectures and workshops intended for students, teachers and the general public.

As part of the two-day program, which is held every year in the middle of March, the National Employment Service also holds an Employment Fair, so that almost all participants in one work process can be found in one place.

The Education Fair or the so-called NOU FEST is organized by the Regional Support Team for Science, Education and Art noutim.org

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