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Mushroom farming

Association of Mushroom Growers and Nature Lovers "GORUN"

Mushroom farming is the practice or interest in mushrooms for the purpose of collecting edible species and field study and recognition of all types of mushrooms that can be found in nature.

The Association of Mushroom Growers and Nature Lovers "GORUN" from Ćuprija is an ecological association that primarily deals with the study, collection and protection of wild mushrooms, but also with the research and study of medicinal and other plants, forest fruits, birds, and other riches that nature abounds in our regions.

Depending on the weather, members of the Association and their sympathizers have regular activities in nature.

Numerous educational workshops are organized throughout the year, in order for the entire public to become better acquainted with these gifts of nature.

For several years in a row, "Mushroom Days" have been organized in Ćuprija, which during the three-day program gather hundreds of visitors from the country and the region.

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