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Museum “Horreum Margi” Ravno


was founded in 1955 on the initiative of Igor Parfjonov, professor of history and Russian language at the Čupri High School. This initiative was preceded by the long-term activity of the High School students and Professor Igor on the collection of archaeological and historical material. The municipality built a building for the Museum in the Kosovo-Moravian style in 1956, one of the first museums in this part of Serbia, whose first Director was Igor Parfjonov.

Due to the great flood in 1968, the most important exhibits from the Museum were moved to a safer location to protect them from the overflowing of the river, and after the flood, the Museum was no longer in operation, and the building was exposed to decay due to neglect until it was demolished at the end of the 70s.

During archaeological research in 1989, the remains of the Northeast Tower of the Roman city of Horreum Margi were found in the courtyard of the post office. The museum was founded again in 1993, and the building was handed over to the museum in December of the same year.


Today, the museum "Horeum Margi - Ravno" in Ćuprija is a museum of a complex type and has a permanent exhibit consisting of exhibits from the archaeological, historical, ethnological and artistic collections. The most represented is the archaeological collection with an emphasis on stone sculptures from the Horreum Margi site. The museum has territorial jurisdiction over the sites of the Neolithic settlement of Stublina in Supska, 3500-5000 BC, from the ancient period 1-4 centuries. not. localities Horreum Margi, as well as over the historical complex "Šančevi Ivankovac" and about the memorial house of the national hero Miodrag Novaković - Džudža, which cherishes the memory of the WW victims.

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