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Matić’s days

The "Matić Days" event is organized to pay tribute to Dušan Matić, a renowned writer and academic. The main objective of the event is to promote and encourage young literary talents, remember the work of Dušan Matić, uphold traditional cultural values, as well as showcase new trends in contemporary creativity in the field of culture and art. Dušan Matić, a writer, philosopher, poet, painter, and a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, is one of the most significant surrealism representatives in Serbia. With his versatility and avant-garde approach, he shaped the design and implementation of the event. The "Matić Days" runs for 8 days, featuring all forms of art, and includes a critical evaluation of art and culture, assessing their significance and influence on the cultural life of Serbia. The event's program is designed to reflect the avant-garde spirit in every segment individually, and as a series of cultural events that will attract a diverse audience with its content. The "Matić's Scarf" award is presented to a young poet under 27 years of age for their first poetry book, published in the current year. This is the only literary award we are aware of that recognizes poetic creativity, which aims to motivate the author to continue their craft. This award has opened doors for many established writers and poets, making it an important recognition of literary value. The award winner is decided by an expert jury, which includes distinguished writers and admirers of Dušan Matić's works. The award consists of a scarf, a plaque, and a monetary amount, presented at the final ceremony. The round table is a mandatory part of Matić's Days, where renowned experts in literary criticism and history debate the current state of literature and culture in Serbia. The analysis of Dušan Matić's creative work is discussed along with a given topic.

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