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Library “Dušan Matić”


The Dušan Matić Library was founded on December 29, 1968. and is named after our famous writer and academic Dušan Matić, who was born in Ćuprija. In the Library, there is the Legat - Dušan Matić Memorial Room, which houses part of his legacy. These are primarily the inventory from his office, artistic paintings and drawings, his personal items and books from his library. Today, the library has a department of old rare books and a native department.

In memory of Dusan Matić's life and work, "Matić days" are held every year in September. It is a cultural manifestation where the best young poet of Serbia is awarded the prestigious award "Matić's scarf" for the first collection of poems.

In recent years, the library has been actively engaged in the digitization of books. As for the manifestations, they participated in about 30. Traditionally, the library marks the following important dates:

21.02 - International Mother Language Days
20.03 - international day of theater for children and young people
21.03-World Poetry Day
02.04 - International Children's Book Day
23.04 - world book day
05.06-world environmental protection day
12.08 - International Youth Day
08.09-international day of literacy
08-15.09-Matić days
Mid-September - International Day of Cultural Heritage
01.10-international day of old people
Beginning of October - children's week
Beginning of November - Wolf Week
29.12 library day in Ćuprija

The library also participates in theater performances. A children's drama studio was also formed at the library, and it is made up of children-members of the library. The library's plans are to move the children's department to another building (to the endowment of Ilija Kolarc) in order to expand the space, as well as to open the library's website.

Work hour :
Monday - Friday from 07:30 to 19:00
Saturday from 08:00 to 13:00

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