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Legate room “Dušan Matić”

u Narodnoj biblioteci "Dušan Matić"

On March 18, 2014, the legacy of Dušan Matić was placed on the list of old and rare library materials of great importance.

With this, Legat received the well-deserved importance of a cultural asset of great value and became an indispensable support in any research work in the history of literature, especially surrealism in our region.

The legacy consists of Matić's personal library, which contains a large number of books in Serbian but also in foreign languages, documents, correspondence, pictures, drawings, awards and recognitions that Matić received, and the furniture of his study where Matić's famous talking rooms were held.

Legat is an indispensable part of every organized visit to the Library and has a huge number of positive impressions.

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