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A long tradition of hunting in Ćuprija

Hunting in Ćuprija, and in the entire Pomoravlje region, has a long and rich tradition. The first mention of hunting is related to the Serbian nobility who hunted in this area, especially during the time of Prince Lazar, in the 14th century, and the main hunting ground was located near his endowment of the Ravanica monastery. Later, one of the greatest hunters, Despot Stefan Lazarević, hunted mostly in the vicinity of Ravanica and Manasija monasteries. At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, the hunters of Ćuprije and the surrounding towns were a pillar of hunting in this part of Serbia. Today, the Hunting Association "Morava" Ćuprija manages the hunting ground "Ravanica", which is one of the most organized hunting grounds in this part of Serbia and represents the hunting pride of the region. This is unequivocally confirmed by the fact that a thousand head of roe deer roam this hunting ground, which is a fact worthy of all respect.

The "Ravanica" hunting ground includes a hunting area of 26,550 hectares, where indigenous species of game are grown: roe deer, wild boar, rabbit, pheasant, and field partridge. In addition to these species, migratory species are also managed: quail, turtledove, coot, wild plover, wild geese, woodcock, wood pigeon, etc. kinds of. The hunting ground has 22 stable checks, 17 tree checks, 32 roe deer feeders, 14 pheasant and field partridge feeders, 52 salt marshes and 8 pheasant shelters. The association also owns a pheasantry, two hunting lodges and 8 hectares of perennial draws. The hunting association "Morava" is one of the founders of the Hunting Association of Central Serbia. This Association was founded on April 29, 2011 in Kragujevac, for the sake of continuity in order to more effectively implement activities of general interest - management in hunting.

The hunting association "Morava" has seventeen hunting sections made up of about three hundred hunters, including one lady. Compliant hunters, they are the constant initiators of many actions in the field, and the hunting ground is their constant concern, which is noticed immediately after the first steps into this modern hunting ground.

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