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Being a mountaineer means getting to know the beauty of the planet we live on

Mountaineering is not aimless wandering around the hills and conquering already conquered peaks. On the contrary, mountaineering is a way of life and a whole series of activities that make life more pleasant, interesting and, above all, more beautiful for modern people. Being a mountaineer means getting to know the beauty of the planet we live on, enjoying beautiful mountain views, making new friends and leading an active and healthy lifestyle.

Zubrova, that word echoes the slopes of Grabar and Staro Selo like an echo of the past. Nevertheless, the river and the gorge are still there and like an invisible hifa, they permeate our Homeland. Legend has it that the Nemanjići in this area, from the Ravanica monastery to the Staro selo, guarded bison, or European bison. Hence the name Zubrova (river) and hence the name of the Mountaineering Society, which regularly carries out mountaineering activities and thus contributes to the improvement of the tourist offer of the municipality of Ćuprija and the affirmation of this area.

Some of the marked hiking trails are located opposite the Ravanica monastery and extend all the way to the Senje mine.

The Red Baby Trail is the shortest trail with a length of 2.7 km.
The blue pioneer trail is 8.1 km in length.
The white trail Lazarica is the longest trail, 11.5 km long and located at an altitude of 500 m.

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