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Hiking trails

Several routes are available to nature lovers.

The trail starts from the Ravanica monastery, across the macadam road up to the left of the regional road Ćuprija-Senje-Senjski Rudnik, north of the monastery. At the very beginning of this path, the walking path route passes by the monastery vineyard, orchard and the monastery economy, which produces the famous herbal salves. In this part, there is already a marked tourist footpath with a lookout point. Further on, the hiking trail route leads on a macadam road through the wooded areas of the Kučaj Mountains, past weekend houses and hunting lodges. At 2.36 kilometers from the Ravanica monastery, there is an intersection on the so-called place Bikovac. At this point, two more hiking/biking trails fork. One leads to Senjski Rudnik, and the other to Staro Selo across the Zubrovska River. At 2.8 kilometers of the trail, there is a hamlet that belongs to Stari Selo, where there are domestic animal farms within agricultural holdings that produce cheese, meat, brandy and other agricultural products. Also, in the vicinity of this point of the route, there is currently a medicinal herb-smilje. From the 3rd kilometer to the 4th kilometer of the route is the so-called the place of Pirivoje, a kind of vantage point with a view of Pomoravlje, Juhor, Gledićke mountains, Jastrebac and Kopaonik. There is a rest stop in this spot! At 5.90 kilometers of the trail, there is a holiday house Milosavljević with certain accommodation facilities. Next to the holiday house Milosavljević there is another viewpoint called "grandfather Luna's rock" from where the view of Pomoravlje opens. Also, the surrounding forests are suitable for collecting and studying mushrooms from early spring to late autumn due to specific forest communities that favor the appearance of mushrooms. After leaving the forest dirt road, at 6.53 kilometers, there is the church of St. Jovan, which was built on the remains of an old Christian temple from the 11th-12th century. There is also a spring with drinking water near the church. At 7.40 kilometers of this hiking/mountaineering trail, there is the mountain lodge Nebesko brdo. Within this mountain lodge, there are ten rooms for lodging (20-25 people), a horse stable and an equestrian club. The facility itself is located in the so-called Nemanja, allegedly because Stefan Nemanja saw the wounds after some injury.

A few hundred meters from the mountain lodge  Nebesko Brdo, there is a facility for supplying drinking water to Ćuprija, known as the  Nemanja spring. The water from this source flows into the river Mirosava, which flows next to the Nebesko Brdo. The Mirosava River supposedly got its name because Sava Nemanjić reconciled quarreling brothers on it. The Ćuprija Mushroom Days event is held in this facility, which is attended by a large number of local residents, but also a significant number of guests from all over Serbia and abroad. Also, near the mountain lodge Nebesko brdo, a trail for downhill cycling is being built, made by enthusiastic cyclists from Ćuprija. Further on, the route leads along a macadam road along the Mirosava river towards the village of Ivankovac, and passes through the fields of the village of Paljani. From the 7.60 kilometer trail following the Mirosava downstream on the right, the Bostava conifer forest remains as an exceptional hunting ground. Through fields and orchards, the path leads to 8.40 kilometers, where there is a turnoff for a pond and a lake for recreational carp fishing and relaxing in nature. Further, after 1.20 kilometers, at 9.60 kilometers it turns onto an asphalted village street in the village of Ivankovac. At 9.80 km, this hiking trail intersects with the Ćuprija-Ivankovac-Senje-Stranac-Ćuprija cycling path. It passes through the village of Ivankovac, past the hunting fountain, a place with drinking water and a place to rest, then over the bridge on the Mirosava river, across the field where there are trenches from the battle of Ivankovac and you reach the end point of this footpath, the memorial park Battle of Ivankovac, at 10.66 kilometers of the route. From the memorial park Battle of Ivankovac, the path leads to the so-called "lower road" towards the Bostava forest.

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