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Club Relax Gym

The Relax Gym club from Ćuprija was founded in 2008. In these 10 or so years of its existence, tens of thousands of recreational athletes have passed through it, as well as several dozen professional athletes in fitness and bodybuilding, most of whom are state champions, and some even with the titles of world champion and European champion. The club is staffed by licensed trainers who explain in detail the proper execution of all exercises to each member, especially children and new members. This fitness center is adapted for all ages, as well as for working with preschool children, as well as with the elderly and people with disabilities. There is a special discount for students and pupils. Special facilities for the preparation of athletes both for team sports (football, basketball, volleyball...) and for individual ones, whether it's fitness training or strength training.
Group workouts include Aerobics, Insanity and Crossfit.
You can find more information about this sports center on their website https://fitpass.rs/objekti/relax-gym-cuprija

NRGYM (Energy Gym)

NRGYM (Energy Gym) was founded in September 2016 and quickly gained the trust of exercisers. The gym is located in the very center of the city, in a newly built building with a view of the city. It has equipment of the latest generation and rich cardio equipment, a friendly and professional approach to exercisers, and the largest number of members in Pomoravlje confirms that. In addition to the above, they provide special discounts for students and schoolchildren, prepare training sessions for other sports as well as personal training sessions. The quality of service and friendliness is what sets them apart from others. It is up to you to come and see for yourself. For more information, visit the Facebook page of the NRGYM club https://www.facebook.com/marko.pavlovic.315428/

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