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The municipal organization of sports fishermen of Ravanica Ćuprija was founded in 1955. During its existence, the association produced a large number of successful competitors who achieved excellent results at domestic and international competitions. For 55 years of existence of the fishing association of Serbia, our association was declared the most trophy association in Serbia.
The former most trophy-winning fishermen's association Ravanica from Ćuprija produced many famous and successful fishermen. Today, those fishermen joined together and together with the help of the Tourist Organization of Ćuprija, they brought back competitive fishing to Ćuprija. The Most Cup in Ćuprija has been gathering the best anglers from all over Serbia for several years to test their skills in fishing.

The lake on Vezir's Hill

Only 5.5 km from the city on Vezirovo brdo is the Čuburica reservoir, which was created in 1984 for the purpose of irrigating the surrounding fields. It was created by damming the Knez Selački stream. This lake is a frequent picnic spot for the residents of Ćuprija.
Lake Čuburica is characterized by a great depth ranging between 15-20m. The bottom of the lake itself has become quieter in the last few years, and there are a lot of branches in the water, which creates natural obstacles behind which some types of fish seek shelter. At the dam, the depth of the lake is about 20m, which would decrease by moving away from the dam to about 3-4m. The shores of the lake are accessible and suitable for fishing. The side of the lake that is closer to Ćuprija is characterized by less accessibility but also a beautiful forest where anglers can find shade in the summer months. There are several cleared fishing spots on this side. The opposite coast is more organized and accessible with less vegetation and forests.
Fishermen from Central Pomoravlje are well-known for this lake, which has a large amount of different types of fish. Here you can fish for catfish, carp, pike and, more rarely, perch, as well as white fish, babushka, bodorka, white bream, redfin chub and sunfish. Fishermen can boast of catches of large catfish and walleye. It is possible to fish with all fishing techniques, but the best results are obtained by fishing with a float and artificial bait. In the shallower part of the lake in the spring, the best results are obtained by fishing on a float for sunfish, babushka and carp. In the summer, due to the high temperatures, fish should be searched for in deeper areas, and the most common catches are carp, catfish and white fish, which are fished here throughout the year. With the decrease in temperature in the fall, you can use lures or natural bait using the technique of flying on dead cedar without difficulty, in addition to numerous smaller pike, you can also catch larger pieces up to a couple of kilos. Due to the great depth of the lake, it is possible to successfully catch large babushka on a sliding float with plenty of extra food.

River Ravanica

Ravanica originates in Šareni kladenac, northeast of Senje mine on the slopes of the Kučaj Mountains, and then enters the picturesque Ravanička gorge, and then continues through the village of Senje and the Senjsko polje, with a calm flow cutting through the core of the town of Ćuprije. Its 27.6 km long route ends at the mouth of Velika Morava, 300 meters upstream from the famous road bridge. In the upper course, the bed of Ravanica is very shallow and overgrown with small plants, with a lot of twists and turns, while in the part of the gorge its banks are decorated with beech, ash, hornbeam and lilac trees, so that it represents an untouched part of nature in the more inaccessible parts. Downstream from Senje, the coastal vegetation is considerably thinned out and the most common are willows, poplars and willows.
In the upper course, its water is refreshed by dozens of smaller mountain springs, so that even in the driest period, there are conditions for the survival of the fish stock in numerous springs. At the exit from the gorge, right next to the Ravanica monastery, there is a rich spring with constant capacity, and less than a kilometer downstream, Ravanica receives its only two tributaries: the Ivankovačka river and the Stubički potok. Although the average depth in the lower course does not exceed 50 cm, it is still a flood river that during the spring can cause serious damage to settlements on the coast, including Ćuprija itself. In most cases, even fortified banks cannot prevent it, so deepening of the river bed at the very mouth of Velika Morava, which in that part raised the water level up to 2 meters, created conditions for fishing even in the driest periods.

The fish stock consists of chub, trout, barbel, bream, and bream, and when the water level in the Velika Morava rises, then the entire school of fish inhabiting the largest Serbian river flows into Ravanica. If at the same time the water level of Ravanica is high, some fish species such as chub, sable barbels migrate upstream all the way to Ravanica gorge. In the lower reaches of Ravanica during the spring you can catch whitefish and plavac, barbel skovalj and babška, and in the upper reaches chub, brook barbel and krekusha. During the summer months, fishing on the Ravanica is difficult, because only in the eddies can you catch chub all the way to the village of Dobrichevo and Senja. With the arrival of autumn, better conditions for fishing on this river are created. With the rise of the water level in the Velika Morava, whole schools of white fish find a safe habitat in the mouth of Ravanica, so you can see plavc, scobalj and white bream in the fishing nets of numerous fishermen. Upstream from the mouth to the mouth of the Mirosava (Ivankovačka River) you can fish for chub weighing up to 800 grams. With the first snow and a greater influx of water, fishermen from Čupris from Velika Morava move to Ravanica, so they can catch nice specimens of barbel and sablefish. White fish is most often caught using the float technique on meat worms and breadcrumbs with a little feeding. Purchased food enriched with cooked and live worms is used for feeding. In winter, these fishing grounds are very attractive, so you have to go early to get a good spot because of the big crowds.

Puddle in Supska

The former bed of the Morava, and today the complex of a large number of small ponds rich in pike, were a real challenge for every angler. On these ponds, large pike are rare, but those up to 3 kilograms can be caught nicely. In addition to pike, you can successfully fish for babushka, bodorka and white bream on these ponds. The large presence of crucian carp bothers fishermen as well as the fish stock.

Big Morava
Moravian Park

Moravian Park is one of the most visited places for fishing from Ćuprije, but also by colleagues from other cities. During the winter months, this winter park becomes very attractive for floaters and anglers. As if by some unwritten rule, the right bank of Velika Morava is usually occupied by anglers who fish with the float technique, while on the opposite side, anglers fish. During the winter months, it is good to catch bream, plavac, barbel with the occasional roach on worms. Skobalj can also be fished on artificial grass. The daily catch quota is easily achievable. During the summer months, this area is not visited so much and catfish and carp are fished.

Velika Morava - Mijatovac

Not far from Ćuprija, near the village of Mijatovac, under the bridge on the highway, there is a fishing area that is very rich in fish stocks. This area is visited not only by fishermen from Ćuprija, but also from the surrounding towns. Due to the favorable configuration of the bottom, this terrain is very attractive for fishing almost all types of fish, as well as for fishing throughout the year. In the NATO aggression of 1999, the bridge on the highway near the village of Mijatovac was bombed twice and demolished, and the remains remained in the water for a day and are ideal fish shelters. The area itself is characterized by a whirlpool, the depth of which goes up to 6m below the bridge itself, so that a few hundred meters downstream, the Velika Morava comes out onto the bank. The right side of Velika Morava near the bridge is accessible and suitable for fishing. The fish stock in this part of Velika Morava consists of barbel, sablefish, chub, carp and catfish. The area itself allows fishing throughout the year. With the arrival of spring, catfish are fished mainly on natural baits. In this part of the year, you should look for catfish under the bridge itself.

Lake Mućava

Lake Mućava is located near Ćuprije, and belongs to the type of artificial accumulation lakes, and was created by damming the Mućava stream for the irrigation needs of the village of Dobričeva. Mučava is rich in fish.

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