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Equestrian Club “Nebesko Brdo”

An oasis in nature where tourists can spend the night, enjoy nature, learn to ride...

The estate "Nebesko brdo" in the village of Paljane near Ćuprije is a true oasis in nature where tourists can spend the night, enjoy nature, hang out with animals, learn to ride and shoot with a bow and arrow, try local specialties or hike the path through the forest to the Ravanica monastery . The owner of the estate and the equestrian club of the same name, Slaviša Milosavljević, says that his idea was to combine nature and love for animals.

In 2020, a riding school started operating in this Equestrian Club. The youngest participants of the riding school say that they love horses, that they are not afraid of them, that after just a few lessons they learned the basics of recreational riding and that they want to become jockeys when they grow up.

A licensed riding instructor recommends 30 riding lessons, during which basic knowledge of equipment, mounting and dismounting, safe management at walk, trot and canter, as well as the correct posture of the rider is acquired. At the "Nebesko brdo" estate, in addition to horseback riding, nature and sports lovers can also engage in matchmaking. The archery association "Hiron" from Ćuprija offers good entertainment to everyone who comes to this property.

"Here, people can take their first steps in traditional archery, which involves shooting at a target without an aid." Here we realize various activities with the equestrian club. Also, Mushroom Days are held here every year, except this year due to the corona virus. It is a manifestation that gathers mushroom pickers from all over Serbia and even abroad. Last year we had guests from Greece and Croatia. We are planning equestrian archery soon, meaning shooting from a horse," says the president of the Hiron association.

Milosavljević familly have been looking after horses since 2000. In addition to horses, they also look after donkeys and dogs, and soon two birds - buzzards with damaged wings - will arrive at the farm. They are also getting another horse for riding, so there will be four in the riding school, and a pony is also arriving for the youngest visitors.

Where Saint Sava reconciles quarreling brothers

The estate and equestrian club were named after the surrounding hill where, according to legend, Saint Sava reconciled the feuding brothers Stefan and Vukan, near the Mirosava river, and here are also Nemanja's springs from where Ćuprija is supplied with drinking water.

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Equestrian Club “Nebesko Brdo”

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