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Cultural institution Ćuprija


The cultural institution is the only and indispensable place in the cultural life of all Ćuprija residents, but also those who come to it to enjoy everything that this institution deals with, from painting exhibitions, theater performances, concerts of various genres of music, to book promotions of eminent authors. It is the purpose of its existence, its privilege, social role and great responsibility.

From the Institute of Culture they say-

- We want to feel good in the city where we live, to strengthen the community, coming together through cultural events, remembering and respecting the past, famous people from Ćuprija and cultural workers, each other and in diversity, to create a more beautiful and better future with a creative and empowered spirit.-

You can find more information about all the content created at the Ćuprija Cultural Institute on their website https://www.uk.cuprija.rs/index.

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