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Crevarijada food festival


The event that in the past period gathered the largest number of visitors (10,000 per year) is certainly the Crevarijada.

With a conceptual plan and program of activities, systematic space planning, timely action and a multimedia propaganda campaign, Crevarijada as an authentic brand contributed to the affirmation of the municipality of Ćuprija, the filling of all accommodation capacities in the territory of the municipality of Ćuprija but also in Pomoravlje, and a significant increase in the number of tourists.

In addition to the competition teams, of which there were over 50 during the event, Crevarijada was visited by lovers of quality food and good entertainment from all over the country and of different ages.

Thanks to its good rating on the tourist market, Crevarijada gathered numerous entrepreneurs as part of its commercial partners, and in this way, a rich fund of prizes was provided for the winners of the competitive parts and prominent individuals.

The announcement of the most successful crevar is always followed by a concert by one of the eminent musical performers of folk music such as Garavi Sokak, Miroslav Ilić, Dragan Kojić-Keba, Milan Topalović-Topalko and many others.

Crevarijada has been held on the last weekend in July for thirteen years in a row and represents a real "gastronomic miracle" in these areas.

You can download the application form for CREVARIJADA 2023 here APPLICATION FORM or in person during registration.

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Crevarijada food festival

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