Greetings from Morava

Oj, Moravo, moje selo ravno, Kad si ravno što si vodoplavno.

Ćuprija is the only town that lies on the coast of Velika Morava. Today, on the left bank of the river, next to the yellow bridge, there is a city beach that provides refreshment to numerous citizens of Ćuprija in the summer months. On the right bank of the river there is a Moravian park that offers opportunities for walking, sports and recreation.

The Romans called the Great Morava River Margus. Today’s Ćuprija was created in Roman times, and then it was called “Horreum Margi” (which means Granary of Morava). Did you know that in the Celtic language Morava means beautiful girl?


Manastir Ravanica

U blizini Ćuprije Knez Lazar sagradio je zadužbinu - Manastir Ravanicu

The Ravanica monastery church was built between 1375 and 1377. It is dedicated to ascension and has a base in the shape of a developed triconchos and five domes. Shortly after his death in Kosovo, Knez Lazar was declared a saint and his relics were transferred to the monastery in 1392. The relics of Prince Lazar lay in Ravanica until 1690, when the monks, fleeing from the invasion of the enemy army, fled to Hungary, taking the relics with them. It was not until 1989 that his relics were returned to Ravanica.


Gastronomsko čudo i autentični brend

In the past, the Crevarijada food festival gathered up to 10,000 visitors a year. This event has been held on the last weekend in July for thirteen years in a row and represents a real “Gastronomic Miracle” in these areas.

In addition to the competition teams, of which there were over 50 during the event, Crevarijada was visited by people who love quality food and good entertainment from all over the country and of different ages.